Santushti Thapar: Seize the Moment

    We know believing that is easier said than done, so I have collected the following story. ’Know Thyself’ and ‘Seize the moment’, Its probably one of the most cliche phrases you will hear if you are knowing Santushti Thapar.
Hearing her mentors and reading the philosophers’ she dreamed also of making her own contribution to the struggle of people of her society. Although she was known for her assertiveness and decision making while growing up, she showed an interest in reading and healthy discussions with paragons. Santushti is well known for counsel the people in
their difficult time and for paying gratitude to whom, who help her in any sense.. She reportedly wrote long, paying thank you notes to the family and friends on their birthday. Santushti had a great fondness for working for unprivileged and orphan children since his adolescence.


Struggle is blessing, when it deals with positive energy

Santushti had a lavish childhood but rough adolescence time. After having great loss of his family in their business, her family moved to Small town Palwal, her mother’s maternal hometown; affected, she took her higher education at home. Here, lived in a rented cottage kind house with her two younger siblings (who were in their adolescence at the time).. They were so poor they could not afford their children education because it was too expensive. She admits that when her family hit rough times, both parents dedicatedly worked to help make ends meet. But that cruel time became more unfettered; subsequently, declined the morals of her parents and lead them on the path of by hook or by crook means of survival. Remarkably and appreciably, she never supported her parents wrong doings. However, She worked many jobs to support her education while parents pursued their multiple right and wrong efforts to support the family. She valued hard work and remained generous towards so called harsh time. She takes hard time as blessing, as she believes only hard time refines and improve one’s character teach us gratitude. Also, There, she began working with children, eventually becoming an kindergarten teacher by getting a meagre amount of salary 1500 rs. at the age of 18 years. Struggling with harshness of life, lacking with money, not having proper guidance, growing up in an uneducated and less advanced family: learned web designing then fashion designing incompletely and equally awkwardly. She worked many odd jobs without knowing what to do, including as a school teacher, a trainer for BPO, a language trainer and much more. Yet, she broke barriers (and started a tradition) when she omitted the tradition of saying ‘Yes’ all time to authorities either in jobs or in family; she chose to take stand without being biased and selfish, which was indeed remarkable.


Growing up, she was once a victim of inappropriate physical touch or abuse by her one of elderly family member, an uncle, a family friend. she told, felt betrayed, she Knew she has been changed, somewhat psychologically affected by sensitive and difficult situation; she learnt that “children (specially girls) must respect family and elders is just a belief system, not rational suggestion by family and society. From the very same day, she was determinate to respect people for their strong characters, not because they are in relations.

In Palwal, unexpectedly, she came in contact with Yash a young, charming boy; later both fell in love and got married facing many odds. Being affluent, Yash was usually the subject of public attention during their relationship before and after marriage, and his courtship of Santushti was no exception. The society and the family were amazed, felt awkward and also fascinated by this seemingly odd couple—the reserved, sophisticated, introvert boy and the extrovert, liberal, young woman with an interest in reading, social up-liftment and curiosity to know more about politics and dharma.


She began to develop and pursue her own interests. She served as a strong supporter of many helpless but bright children for getting education. Loved and dedicated for orphans, she decided with her life partner, not having child in life, rather dedicated to serve to orphans, specially girl child. Initially, the decision was unaccepted and unwelcome by everyone.Following her instincts, she devoted herself to charitable efforts, including raising awareness about the feelings of leftover psychology in adolescence of orphans. Gradually, She maintained a level of dignity with the family and public for her firm decision of not having own child in her life. Her friend Y. Balaji, IRAS from Hyderabad proud her, said, “its commendable and the biggest achievement, for a small town young woman, you can take a decision on it, also succeed in making the family understand”


Santushti dealt with a lot throughout her life-criticism about her maternal family’s odd actions, racism, intrusive questions about her simple looks and ordinary qualification, just to name a few-but she never let it get in the way of her ambition and drive. When you look at her achievment, her personal triumphs are cast in an even more remarkable light. She put all her savings into her education and growth and it failed miserablyShe proud her scars on her face, cherished that she had lived her childhood, running on roads and playing all possible so called middle class outdoor games. Waking up in nights for continues study and doing job in teaching and trading in day with respectively taking care of family, now she is a research scholar and a successful business woman. Most importantly, a respectful member of the family.

Keep focus on herself:

Growing up poor taught her that hard work and thrift are sometimes the only things a person can afford made her generous towards her own self as well for others. In addition to teaching, Santushti is a regular scholar and active participator in other fields also. She has prepared for UPSC from Chaitanya Institute, Delhi; her dean of institute Y. Balaji Kiran commented, “she was different from others, he named her, ‘Sadhvi Thapar’ for her eloquence on Hinduism and enthusiastic thinker and debater also. Her educational credentials are, She received her BA, B.ED from M.D university, M.A in Political Science from Kurukshetra University from Kurukshetra, MBA in H/R from Symbiosis, and her Ph.D from G.D.Goenka University, Gurugram. She is pursuing PhD not attaining academic career, but for intellectual growth, so she can contribute society rationally. She recently participated in International Conference on International relation on U.S-INDO bilateral relation, attended 3 days seminar on Politics of Development on education and other social issues for her foundation purpose. She currently, writing her thesis on Political Study on Indian Hinduism and a book on ‘Fundamentalism’. After her 10 years in an administration in teaching, she improved her team without sounding bossy or controlling. she took initiative her own business, which was an differently amazing phase of her life. When she is not glued to a computer screen for her research and business, he spends time working in the working in the garden, reading philosophies, watching philosophical movies and trying very hard not to be the worst lawn tennis player in the academy. Recently, she worked on a memoir with me, which you you are reading.

Santushti, From the corner of others heart

I feel overwhelmed to share some of my precious moments with my friend mentor guide and family my sister -in -law Santushti Raj Thapar

I will not say she is soft person, because her strictness and determination makes her what she is. I was a sensitive person and expect a lot from others ended up making myself felt bad. Santushti never sympathised with me rather I was guided to be strong and selfreliant. She suggested all time to escape this negativity by channelising my energy into positive thoughts and actions. Though in our society where people prejudice life of a girl haults, after marriage "But Santushti was one extra ordinary girl and she took a new start from there. She accumulated the education and expertise she needed and would not only for her own personality development but also for the upliftment of her family and society; as a whole Santushti believes in actions over words, she never spoke about her self but rather brought about changes through her actions. She inspired everyone to think for their own inner welfare and their development and growth. She never changed anyone but she inspired them to change themselves for the good.

Santushti felt that her father in law always supposed her through out the trajectory and as a token of gratitude love and respect; she ha added his name to her name “Santushti Raj Thapar". This shows how pure she is and how much she loves & care about her family. Santushti has always considered development of society prior to everything; she started her own NGO with his family friend ”Varun - Ek Goonj” for the up-liftment of the needy. She has always pushed people to make efforts to bring change around. And I am a living Example of that. She made me a part of the NGO and gave me the confidence I have. She also encouraged me to take account of its website ‘’ and work for them. She is not self Centred. She takes every one along with her to reach the pinnacle of success. She believes that unity is power.

Santushti is a risk taker; she dared to open her own company ‘Falcon’s Fly Production House’ by investing not only her potential and money but also determination to win in this naive field. Indeed, She is daredevil. Hiring an expert staff for the events, yet took charge of everything and gathered best possible knowledge of the same field. She believes in ‘Seize the moment’. She wants to bring a change in every possible field of life. She is a prudential person who makes one best use of every opportunity she gets to move forward with her unbiased, just and liberal character. Values reflects in her action and straightforwardness with grace in her words. She is over inspired with philosophy of Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, J.J Rousseau, Vivekananda, Gandhi. Also, influenced by Princess Diana & Mitchale Obama, listens spiritual guru Jaggi Vasudev and motivational speaker Mahatrai Ra, love watching philosophical and historical movies. She claims ‘Indian flag is only her love and often recites ‘idam bharatam devloketulyam, idam bharatam tat soda vandniyam’. She believes that ”knowledge is power“ and when she encounters a bit of knowledge in a person, she joins hands with them and work for the growth of the person. Many people specially women around her are ideal example of refining their character in her company. Those people have learnt, firstly, they are human after they are in any relationship of a mother, daughter, father, brother etc. she preaches that an obedient son only serves his parents while an ethical human serves his entire society with his family. Santushti is a Calm and Composed person. She meditates and Concentrates on her mind. she has Gained excessive spiritual knowledge and believe in Karma, she follows the righteous path and does good for everyone. She wants to spread the real meaning of Hinduism which is a philosophy, an idea; undoubtedly not bigotory ’hindutva’ and that is why she is doing Ph.D in Hinduism and also thoroughly practices it in her daily life. Santushti is an altruistic soul. She is always ready to help everyone and gives in all she has. Once, her maid had to undergo a surgery at a short notice. Santushti in a blink of eye, without thinking anything gave all her savings to her maid for her surgery.

Santushti even sponsors education many unprivileged children. She also adopted her peon’s daughter’s education upto her potential. She never hesitates in aiding someone, she spends all her efforts and energy, she has. She says with pure intention and good vibration we are driven by ‘Braham’ an universal energy, a positive force. she never gives up in her life and never regret for things. She plans for the future and is prudential. She never holds back and if something does not work, she starts new phase by plan B and its commendable. She gives her 100% whether the work for herself or any other organisation. Her career actually began more out of necessity than raw ambition. She motivates and inspires everybody with her hardworking and creativity. where ever, she has worked, She has improved the conditions and made that organisation successful with her hardworking meticulous skills. She gives in everything she has and she believes that “work is worship” with her intellect and experience she has reached to a successful pedestal. Even now her colleagues and bosses came her to ask for suggestions and advice and want her opinion on everything. She never takes credit for anything and works selfless for inner satisfaction. She does everything for others and never wants fame. She is a great teacher. Who teaches students to do self reliant and confident and help them in every possible way to achieve it. She is an amazing student who always strives to learn more and achieve the highest range of knowledge. She is a great friend who is always ready to help their friends and makes them capable and pushes them to take risks and opportunities in life and acts as a mentor and guide.

Believe me people who are in contact with Santushti may or may not be reach pinnacle of success but surely will be a perfect human being. Very happy constant and satisfied in their life like her name Santushti. She is a dynamic personality. In short people are intelligent people are wise and brainy, but very few people are intellectual and that is “SANTUSHTI THAPAR” is one of them blessed to have in life. She is blessing to a society and humanity as a whole. She is a great daughter in law. She has always them to live for themselves and enjoy their lives. She pampers them love them very much. Reema Gujral (her sister in law)

Santushti is my daughter. She has provided me with immense love and support. She has done all duties of a daughter. She has given me a lot of respect by putting my name along hers. She shares everything with me and values my opinion. She takes out time for us even if she has a packed schedule. She values our presence in her life and shows her gratitude through her love. She takes care of us and has never considered us as in laws but her own parents. (her father in law)

She pampers me loves shopping for me and styles me because of her I have transformed my personality into a better one. Santushti has left a great impact on my life. She teaches me to live life for my own. Earlier I was sensitive and only considered about home issues. But she has made me a bolder and a more outgoing person she takes care of me and shares everything. She is my proud daughter. I love her and I am thankful to have her in my life. (Ms. Lailta Thapar, mother in law)

What do I say about her! Santushti is my companion and my partner in crime. She is been with through all ups and downs and has provided me with support love and guidance. She always encourages me to do whatever I like, she always provides me space for leading my own way. She has never been a possessive wife. She is not demanding as well, in demand, she expects respects. Her presence in my life has made me a better person. I am blessed to have her with me all these things or praises as not enough for her. She deserves more. (Yash Thapar, her husband)

Met Shona (Santushti) first time through common friend when we all were preparing for UPSC, he said she is very good girl and little different and he was totally right she was outstanding in first meeting only I realised she is the girl who knows what she wants in her life her clarity towards life and how to live life distinguish her from others. Since those days we have grown together though we mostly distance friends but she is always there when I need her. Describing her in few words will be.... full of life, inspiration for many ones and apple of my eyes. Anupam Shukla, UPSC aspirant.(both were UPSC aspirant, together, from same institute, same batch)

She gave special attention to her students. She taught me upto 12th standards. One thing was remarkable about her, she took things in positive way. Her every lectures was updated with new and innovative ideas. She never took teaching as career orientation only, but she was a passionate teacher. She never discriminated, remained unbiased. I barely remember, anyone named her back, as students often do with teachers. It is because of her inspirational character and positive personality. Sourav Talan, a student

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 Bhavook Chitkara Phd Scholar (both Santushti and Bhavook are PhD scholars from the same university, same batch)


In token of love, respect and gratitude to her bade mumma Smt. Veena Thapar, Santushti desired to dedicate her 1st book to her late bade papa sh. Gulshan Thapar. She admires her Mom in Law immensely for support, love and care and give all credit to her for her all achievements, she is her backbone. Her sister in laws Shefali Thapar and Reema Gujral her family love. She could lead herself without making alteration in her character, for that she gives all credit to her Father in law Sh. Raj Thapar. She announced she is incomplete without her emotional partners Yash and Varun. Both are strength. As she announced earlier she does not respect relations but strong characters whether they are in relations or not.

Many people have instilled within themselves the notion that successful individuals do not go through hardships. Inspirational character, however, provides insight into life struggles. She shows how to resolve conflict in lives, and how go on to become the best. This story is awesome because it gives ordinary people confidence to conquer any chaos and turmoil. I, for one, believe there are lessons to be drawn from her life and from the extraordinary and moving reaction from struggle and inspiring character. I share in your determination to cherish her life.”

Madan Boudh