• Santushti Raj Thapar

The Empowering Women Award ll Jaipur ll Rajasthan

In recognition of my contribution towards women empowerment, I was awarded by ‘The Empowering Women Award’ organized by Rahat Foundation & Designer Pooja Motwani held on International Women’s Day in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Almost by providence, an invitation for recognized biodata for the award through social media provoked me to submit my biodata. Although I am a freelance journalist, writer, Ph.D. Scholar, and Researcher, heading my own business in event production simultaneously App Developer & running of a digital marketing company I felt that being a small-town girl from Palwal, my biodata would not be considered for this prestigious award. Somewhat tentatively, I submitted my biodata. I did not mention this to anyone in my family thinking they may either laugh at me or take me for a fool. To my surprise and elation, unexpectedly, after a week, I received a mail of acknowledgment with congratulation and felicitations. Appreciating my record for my courageous and firm standing up to the challenges in life and being role model in the community and for outstanding contributions to Society. As soon as I received an invitation, I immediately rushed to my beloved mom-in-law to inform her, with moist eyes she embraced me tightly and showered her blessings on me. Papa smiled and said, “You are the pride of our family”. Finally, we reached the destination on time. In the presence of awardees from different fields like a doctor, model, actor, social workers, blogger, writer, fashion designer, interior designer, makeup artist, differently-abled who have proved they are not disabled with their extraordinary skills; it was a truly glorifying ceremony. Accolades were bestowed on everyone by the compare’s efforts - ‘Remix’ fame, renowned T.V actress Shweta Gulati. My excitement was palpable - nervous at one moment inspired at another moment. Ultimately, I heard my name called, I stepped on to the platform and once I held the trophy in my hand, miraculous I gained confidence in myself, I held the mike and began congratulating all women who were being felicitated. And also spoke up for all those small-town people who await recognition “ Khud ko itna bhi mat bachaya kar, barish aye to bheeg jaya kar…kaun laake dega chand tujhe aasma se, khud apne chehre se jagmagaya kar, khud apne chehre se jagmagaya kar…”… They say, ‘Learn from failures’ I believe, we also must learn from our achievements and aim higher. Truly grateful, to the ‘Rahat Foundation & Designer Pooja Motwani’ for bringing about my own awakening.

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